George A. Romero, A Eulogy

I normally don’t eulogize artists when I see that they’ve passed, but when I read that George Romero died I immediately felt the urge to write.

Romero famously co-wrote and directed Night of the Living Dead and created an entire genre of horror. With Dracula and Frankenstein we don’t get see their first incarnations; not even on film! But we do get that privilege with the modern zombie; which is a reanimated corpse that consumes the flesh of the living. We are able to watch the very first zombie film and that’s fucking amazing!

I don’t remember the very first zombie film I watched as a kid, but I remember being obsessed with them at a very early age. When we would go to the video rental store my genre was horror; specifically zombie movies. I could barely read at that age too, (I was terrible in school) so I relied on the front and back cover art. I watched Zombi, Return of the Living Dead, Burial Ground, Hell of the Living Dead, but the one film that really captured my imagination was Night of the Living Dead and it’s remake in 1990.

My obsession easily spilled over to every aspect of kid life. I drew little stick figures of zombies decimating a group of people. One zombie held a whole brain above it’s head before it ate it. I even tried to create my own game to play at school called “Zombies” which was essentially just “Tag”, haha. And then there’s the Resident Evil video game series, which I love. It probably would never have existed or gained a following if it weren’t for the inclusion of the classic Romero zombies in it. And how incredible is that? We reference the film maker when we talk about slow-moving, flesh-eating undead; Romero zombies.

There’s so much more I can talk about in regard to the zombie genre and many more blog posts will be coming in the future, but this was is about and dedicated to George Romero.

Besides media consumption Romero also had an early influence on me and my brother when it came to film making. As kids we made a ton of short horror films and trailers. We did it just for fun. But Night of the Living Dead was one of the very first films where I consciously noticed camera angles as a film making technique. It was all angels that we as kids could pull off; nothing about it required a crew or a budget. He showed me how it was possible to make a film with nothing but a camera and some actors.

Thank you George A. Romero for creating an entire genre of horror and influencing kids like me to pick up a camera.

Stand with Bandcamp in Support of Immigrants/Basic Human Values

“And so all day today (starting at 12:01am Pacific Time), for any purchase you make on Bandcamp, we will be donating 100% of our share of the proceeds to the American Civil Liberties Union, who are working tirelessly to combat these discriminatory and unconstitutional actions.” (From bandcamp)

If you follow me on social media then you’ll know exactly how I feel about this current administration and if you know me and my brother you’ll know we’re Mexican-Americans; so it’s a no-brainer that we stand united with all immigrants and immigrant rights. And by-the-way the man behind Vestron Vulture, who scored my brother’s latest feature film “Streets of Vengeance”, is from Mexico!

Support immigrant rights by supporting indie artists!

And fuck Trump!

Sinister Creature Con 2016

Wow, it’s been exactly one year since I wrote a blog post. I did not plan to take a hiatus nor return a year later. The reason I haven’t posted, sadly, is because nothing has progressed with any of my projects, yet. Hopefully that will change soon. Also if you want to see what I’m up to or what I’m watching I’m always posting on my instagram or facebook.

But I had to come back in order to share a couple of things:

First, I contributed to my girlfriend’s zine: “The Stay at Home Girlfriend #23” special Halloween edition. I wrote a piece called “VHS Dreams” and I briefly recount my memories of renting VHS tapes in the 90s. Buy it here:

Just this past weekend was my first time attending a horror convention and my first time meeting cult horror actors and my first time paying for an autograph/photograph. I attended Sinister Creature Con in Sacramento, CA on 10/15/16. It was really fun! I spent way too much on autographs, plushies and art prints. Next time I’m saving waaay more money haha.

I got to meet Felissa Rose from Sleepaway Camp (1983) and she was absolutely amazing. She was so nice and gracious. She spent time to talk to us; we talked about the movie of course, but also we landed on the subject of equality; lol. We were so caught up talking that I forgot to pay her and none of us notice, lol. I ran back and made sureI paid her. I’ve seen interviews with her before and she’s just as nice as she was on camera and what’s even better is you can tell that she genuinely enjoys meeting her fans.

Felissa Rose was so incredibly nice and gracious. She spent time to talk to us. It's great how much she appreciates her fans. ❤ @felissarose123 #sinistercreaturecon #felissarose #sleepawaycamp

I also met Patty Mullen from Frankenhooker (1990) and she was so nice and playful and talkative to her fans. She was the first person I took a photo with and she made me feel comfortable. She’s great!

Meet Patty Mullen from Frankenhooker! She was really nice. @pattymullen13 #frankenhooker #pattymullen #sinistercreaturecon #Sacramento #horrocon #cultfilm

I want to highlight a local Sacramento film maker: Jason Rudy of Desperate Visions. He makes mondo/pyschotronic/nudie cutie films.

Desperate Visions booth at @sinistercreaturecon. Jason Rudy is a Sacramento film maker specializing in mondo/horror/nudie cutie films. Not a lot of people doing what he does. Thanks for being a kind dude. Glad to have bought three of his films. #desperate

Picked up this fucking rad Hellraiser print by Half-Human at the Gore Noir table.

Bought this fucking rad print from @gorenoirmag at @sinistercreaturecon. Need to find a frame soon! #gorenoir #hellraiser #cenobites #cenobite #pinhead #butterball #thefemale #chatterer #femalecenobite #bodyhorror #clivebarker #sinistercreaturecon

I only snapped a few pics of the cosplayers:

Bride of Chucky

@owen_miyabi Bride of Chucky #sinistercreaturecon


Frankenhooker cosplay @sinistercreaturecon yesterday. #sinistercreaturecon #frankenhooker #frankenhookercosplay #horror #culthorror #horrorcosplay #cultfilm #horrorchick #Sacramento

Ellie from The Last of US

@ryo_hellsing Met Ellie! #sinistercreaturecon #ellie #thelastofus #elliecosplay #Sacramento #ps3 #thelastofuscosplay

America Mary

@bunnetron as American Mary!  #sinistercreaturecon #americanmary #horrorcosplay #sacramento #twistedtwins #americanmarycosplay #horrorcon

Hopefully more posts coming soon 🙂


Festival Screening for Little Red and Updates

Great news! My music video for Blue Jungle, “Little Red Riding Hood” is being screened on Nov. 13th (Friday the 13th!) at the ITSA Film Festival in Sonora, CA. It is being screened as part of their “Reel Scary” program. This year the 3 day long festival is FREE! You can enjoy the beautiful scenery and enjoy/support indie film. This is my 4 project to be screened at this festival. They’ve been very supportive of my films. I almost forgot to enter their festival this year, I entered at the last minute. I mostly forgot because film has taken an unwanted break and I haven’t been in the festival/film making mood. So I missed other festivals because of that. Music videos are a little harder to get noticed/screened at festivals so I don’t submit as aggressively. But if there’s a chance to support a festival like ITSA then I make an exception.

Full festival schedule:

Updates: My brother is almost done with principal photography on his 80s inspired revenge film Streets of Vengeance. He just released the trailer. I’m working hard on my feature length film, I’ve written about 40 pages, and I will have very exciting updates in the coming months. Meanwhile keep in touch with me on Facebook and check out my brother’s trailer below. Thanks.

“Streets of Vengeance” IndieGoGo Campaign

My brother and his girlfriend, A and P Productions, just launched their fundraising campaign for their next feature length film: “Streets of Vengeance!” It’s an 80s inspired female revenge film inspired by movies from the 70s and 80s like “Savage Streets,” “Ms. 45” and many others. One of the best perks is a limited run VHS copy of the movie; released by Vultra Video! The film includes retrowave/synth music by Vestron Vulture. Check out the pitch video below and the full campaign at indiegogo.

The pitch (taken from indiegogo):

A new cult is emerging on the streets of San Francisco targeting “immoral” women and punishing them for corrupting men’s minds. They videotape themselves torturing, humiliating and murdering these women for the entertainment of other angry creeps across the internet. The group has set its sights on the adult film industry and its hottest young star, Mila. After being tortured and left for dead, Mila crawls back from the threshold of death and seeks her revenge. She puts a group of badass babes together to help rid the streets of the murderous group for good. Sexism. Rape culture. Misogyny. Pornography. Sexual Violence. These are a few of the taboo subjects that make up our 80’s, VHS styled, female revenge movie!

Official music from the film:



Fall Update: VHS distribution, New Music Video Online and Festival Screenings!

It’s been a few months since my last post; during that time I was very busy with work and editing the music video, which I’m happy to say that “Little Red Riding Hood” is finished and online on both youtube and vimeo. As it says in the description the music video is inspired by the grotesque symbolism of the films like Jacob’s Ladder (1990) and Possession (1981).

And in extremely cool news: “Mass” has been released on VHS (along with 8 other short films) by Briarwood Entertainment! Part of the Magnetic Mixtape Madness Vol 2

Limited release:

Also my short film, “Mass” has screened three times in the East Bay during the months of Sept and Oct for the Oakland Undergound Film Festival, East Bay Scream Film Festival and BCM Film Festival. And at ITSA Film Festival on Nov 8th in Sonora, CA.

I also wrote an article for Cine Source Magazine:

And now I’m taking a break from making music videos and concentrating on writing during the Fall/Winter months. I’m focusing on writing a feature length but I’m not ruling out a short film. But my focus is film. In a few months, I’ll hopefully had made some ground on the next film. See you then.


July Update and “Mass” Screening

First I want to share that my short film, “Mass” will be screening at the Downtown LA Film Festival on July 12th! It will be screen along with other World of Death films. The festival choose specifically to highlight the CA based film makers from World of Death. Don’t know what World of Death is? Well that’s because I never made an announcement on my own website. I did on Facebook but not here, oh brother man. World of Death is a massive short film compilation that’s made up of entries from the ABCs of Death Part 2 online competition. There was only one winner for the ABCs of Death but Tony Wash of Scotchworthy Productions thought of the idea of giving everyone a chance to be showcased and distributed. It’s a very idea, I love the DIY aspect. Instead of waiting for a gatekeeper to let you in Tony brought together almost 200 film makers from all over the world in this compilation. There’s still a lot of work left but once there’s an update I’ll be posting the shit out of it.

World of Death on Facebook:

“Mass” also received a really nice review/write up on Brutal As Hell. This is one of the many websites out there that support the indie community. Please check them out.

Back the the film festival screening. My short along with the other WOD films are sceening on July 12th at 11pm.

Location: Downtown Independent 251 S. Main Street, Los Angeles,CA, 90012
The whole event sounds cool. Check it out.

And finally we wrapped “Little Red Riding Hood” back on June 21st! Like all of my music videos it will take some time for my to finish editing it. Patience is key. Thank you to the entire cast and my brother for shooting it and my girlfriend for helping with props.


June Update

I just realized the auditions were way back in March and now it is June with half of the year gone. I just don’t like how slow the film world can be and how fast time goes by. Here’s what has been going on these past few months: I cast the music video. I helped my brother out on two film shoots for his next project. I was the squib guy on his set. Personally I think the squib shots I did in his film are my best to date. Each project I’m learning new ways to build a squib and I think I finally found one that’s reliable. I’m going to post the build on this website in the future. In the mean time here’s a trailer for my brother’s film:

La Soldadera

So this Saturday, June 14th, is going to be a busy fucking day for me and my brother. In the morning he’s shooting the final scene for La Soldadera and I’ll be there for the squib/blood work. Then later that night we shoot my project, the Little Red Riding Hood music video. There’s going to blood, vomit and some violent scenes all being shot in public in downtown Modesto! Wish us luck!


Little Red Riding Hood – Blue Jungle Auditions (Modesto/Berkeley)

My next project is a music video for the cover of “Little Red Riding Hood” by the LA based gothpop band Blue Jungle. The video is more like an arthouse/horror short film than a music video but regardless of labels it’s still going to be a really rad project done to the music of Blue Jungle, which recently has been very inspiring for me. Blue Jungle’s music is the main inspiration for one of the feature length films I’m currently writing. How and why their music inspired me for a feature length movie will be explained in another blog post in the future, but for now let’s focus on the music video.

I’m only auditioning for the female lead. There are a few male roles but they do not require an audition and I will handle/approach locals once the female role is cast because without the female lead there is no video.

Female Lead: Age 18-35, any race, The role is NOT a cutesy/sexy scream queen type. The role is emotionally brutal and raw. The character is dealing with the duality of her personality and her dark fantasies. Her fantasies blend into reality and this causes her to crumble. I need a fearless actress for the role that’s not scared to look weak, damaged or sadistic. Suggestive sexual themes. Dedication to the project and respect for the craft of indie/low budget film making is a must!

No pay gig. I’m holding auditions in two different locations this time because if I cast someone in the East Bay and they are not willing to travel to Modesto then I will travel up there to shoot. If I cast in Modesto I will shoot in Modesto. If you do need help with your travel expenses (to any location whether Modesto or East Bay) then we can definitely negotiate payment/compensation.

The audition time is very short, I want quality actresses not quantity to show up at the audition. So please contact me if you are serious in attending. Head shots are not required but preferred. Resumes are not needed. Experience not needed but preferred.

Send me an email for the scene you will be performing at the audition and any other questions.


Modesto Audition:

Date: Saturday, March 22nd
From 10:00am-12:00pm
Location: Center Stage Conservatory 948 11th St. Lower Level Suite 1 (on J & 11th) Modesto, CA.

Facebook event page:

Berkeley Audition:

Date: Saturday, March 29
From 1:00pm-3:00pm
Location: The PlayGround PlaySpace 3286 Adeline Street #4 (off Alcatraz) Berkeley, CA.
Just three blocks from Ashby BART.

Facebook event page:

The song:


Mass Screening and Interview on Creepy KOFY Movie Time

My short film, “Mass” will be screening on San Francisco TV show: Creepy KOFY Movie Time and I’m shooting an interview! Air date TBA.

**UPDATE: Air date is March 29th. The feature being shown on that episode will be “Night of the Blood Beast.”

But first some house cleaning:
-We didn’t become a finalist on the ABCs of Death part 2 competition
-We didn’t win the Scream Factory’s Mini Movie Massacre
-And the Tenacious Dreams Film Festival, which “Mass” was set to screen at, has been postponed to Spring 2014. Which sucks that it’s a long wait, but I think it will be better overall. More time to promote the festival and it’s far away from the holidays.

So anyways, this week I’m heading to San Francisco for a quick interview which will air, along with “Mass” on KOFY TV’s Creepy KOFY Movie Time, which is a late night tv show inspired by horror/shlock TV shows from the past (Elvira) that screens public domain horror movies and is hosted by No Name & Balrok. They also have many Cave Girls (dancers and models for the show) who are there to spice things up. The new season just started and you can tune in every Saturday at 11pm on KOFY TV20-Cable13.

Official website:
They post their shows online:

They feature bands, film makers, musicians, dancers and I’m sure much more. It’s a really rad idea and they have good production value. I’m thankful for the opportunity to have my short film screen on their show and look forward to meeting them and checking out their setup. I hope in the future they open their show up to local indie film makers more. I hope to see original full feature length films broadcast on their show and not just public domain films which they currently focus on. I’ll post updates on my facebook.