ITSA Film Festival 2011

On Saturday Oct. 1st was the ITSA Film Festival, where they screened the music video I directed for the song “Attack of the Killer UFOS” by Johan Jello. It was a good sized crowd at the event held inside the Sonora Opera Hall, but I know a lot of them weren’t expecting what has about to hit them (music included), and maybe even the reference may have been lost on younger audience members. I know though that the crowd enjoy the video regardless, which is all that matters.

I attended the festival with my girlfriend Kendy (She blogged about her experience at the festival and in town check it out at  The festival was held in Sonora, CA (and Groveland, CA) and it was our first time visiting that city and it was honestly the first time I’ve ever been surrounded by so much nature; it was great. We also went to a nearby town, Murphys, and ate at a vegan/vegetarian restaurant called Mineral; it was very good food. The small mountain towns we visited were inspiring; I now really want to film a movie there; the towns reminded me of Twin Peaks; not exactly of course, but that’s just where my mind immediately went to when we arrived.

But now I’m focusing on writing a new script, I actually have 2-3 new concepts that I want to work on; hopefully I can start writing them very soon and hopefully I can write a film where we can shoot in Sonora and the surrounding cities.

One of my (and my girlfriend’s) favorite film we saw at the festival was “Bridge” by Ting Chian Tey, it’s a very short and cute original animated film. You can learn more about Ting at her personal website:

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