NorCalFilmFest – Annoucement

Good News Everyone! The music video I directed for the song “Save A Little Piece Of Your Heart (For Me)” by uni and her ukelele was accepted to the 2011 NorcalFilmFest!

The way this festival works: they show all the films on TV (Cities from Stockton to Merced can tune in) on KAZV-TV comcast 195 & Charter and broadcast channel 14 during the month of December. The music video will be shown on Dec. 4th (Sat.), 10th (Sun.), 18th (Sat.) and 24th (Sun.) at 1:00pm for all four days. I noticed some other local Central Valley film makers got their films in the festival also, which is great seeing as this festival is organized by a local film non-profit organization (FIRESIDE FOUNDATION, Inc.).

The schedule:

You can also vote for your favorite feature film, short film and MUSIC VIDEO! There’s only one choice in the music video category so you would think it’s a sure win for my video, but knowing my luck someway, somehow I will still lose, lol. If you want you can vote for my video (it’s the very last category/choice at the bottom).

Thank you to everyone in the cast and crew!
In related news: Heather of Uni and her Ukelele has a kickstarter going on; she’s raising funds for her next full length album. Check it out and donate 🙂

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