The Can-Cannibals Grindhouse Trailer

I’m proud to finally reveal my next project plus the audition date! As I posted earlier I’m doing a grindhouse inspired “fake” trailer, but the type of trailer I’m doing is a punk rock, 80s horror, cannibal trailer featuring the Oakland based punk rock cabaret/burlesque group The Can-Cannibals!

I’m teaming up with my old friend from high school Vaudie (who was also in Removal Notes almost six years ago!) who is also the leader and founder of the Can-Cannibals.


Date: Saturday, Feb. 18th
Time: 11:00am – 3:00pm
Location: Stanislaus County Library – Conference Room
1500 “I” Street
Modesto, CA 95354

To all the potential actors don’t worry, I’m not going to cut corners with this project. I’m treating this trailer like a short film so expect plenty of story and characters.

Here’s the list of characters (beside the cannibals themselves) I’m casting:

Lead Female – Age from 18 to 30, Any race
Girl discover a punk feminist group and wants to join, but finds a darker side to the group/cult.
Detective – Male, Age from 25 to 50, Any race
Detective trying to track down the cannibal murderers (punks), winds up becoming a vigilante out for justice.
Drug Dealer – Male, Age from 18 to 40, Any race
Intimidating/grimy looking
Cops – Male/Female, Age from 18 to 50, Any race
Line speaking roles, potential victims.
Cannibal Victims – Male/Female Age from 18 to 50, Any race
Victims of the cannibal punks, some will have spoken lines all with be covered in blood.

*NO nudity
No experience necessary.
You may bring a head shot and/or a prepared monologue, but neither are required.

The film will be shot in two different locations: Half in Modesto, CA and the other half in Oakland Ca.
***Keep in mind there’s only one audition date and it will only be held in Modesto. You have the choice to film only in one city, but you must come out to the audition in Modesto to be considered first.***

Contact email:
(More blog posts about the production of this project will be coming down the line)

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