Blood, Guts, and Garterbelts! Meet the Can-Cannibals!

The audition is almost here, so I thought it would be a good idea to introduce everyone to stars of the trailer: The Can-Cannibals. Who and what exactly are the Can-Cannibals? They are a punk rock cabaret/burlesque dance troupe based in Oakland, CA and they perform at burlesque shows up and down the West Coast.  I went to high school with the leader and founder of the group Vaudie Bristow aka Vaudie Va-Boom, in Modesto, CA. We attended drama class together, acted in plays and hung out. She also acted in my short film Removal Notes. After she moved to Oakland she started the Can-Cannibals. I always wanted to incorporate her burlesque group into one of my projects. Then finally after five years we meet up in person, talked about our lives and about future projects.

Soon after that my brother approached me to make a fake trailer to play before his film “Cinco De Mayo” and the first idea that popped into my head was a Can-Cannibal movie. It all seemed to come into place. It was the right time and project to work on with my friend. So that’s why (and how) the Can-Cannibals are getting the grindhouse treatment. It’s going to be a fantastic trailer and we’re hoping that it will reach out to new audiences

Can-Cannibal Facebook Page:

Be sure to check out the audition page for all the info:

How the Can-Cannibals were conceived:
(Taken from their facebook page)

“One day Miss Vaudie Va-Boom had a vision…It was a vision of beautiful scantily clad women enticing audiences with their long legs and swirling skirts to be their next meal!
Her sick and twisted mind took her places where only the most genius of psychopaths would dare to go… And the Can-Cannibals were born!

The Can-Cannibals Dance Troupe was started in January of 2008 with only 4 dancers. We honed our skills in a dark and dirty warehouse in Downtown Oakland, feeding off the flesh of unsuspecting victims, until we were ready for our debut performance in February of 2008 at Va-Boom’s Valentine Punk Rock Cabaret.

Now 2 whole years later we’ve doubled in size, put a huge variety of shows under our (garter)belts, and have made a name for ourselves in many of the Oakland and San Francisco underground scenes.

The Can-Cannibals now consist of 8 lovely females with a hunger for flesh, a thirst for blood, and a passion to dance… and one brave man who we allow to keep his life in exchange for not only his muscles, brains, blood, and guts, but for his charm, good looks and diabolic dance skills!

Our troupe is the perfect addition to any show, event, or party wanting to include savagery, long legged women, blood, and ruffly underpants into their night!
But, don’t get too close… WE BITE!”

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  1. Would love to see your troupe doing a live performance. Will definitely be looking forward to seeing the trailer at the beginning of the film Cinco de Mayo on May 3rd in Modesto!

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