Can-Cannibals Grindhouse Trailer – Production Update 1

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, so it’s about time I wrote about what’s going on with the project. The auditions have long passed, and of course it went very well. I have cast all the principal roles in the trailer and we are scheduled to start shooting next Saturday. Right now I only have two shooting dates scheduled, I believe we can get in done in two days I’ve shot many other projects in 2-3 days before, though I do stay realistic and leave room for a possible pick-up day.

But the main reason I’m posting today is that I still could use a few more extras for the trailer. So if you missed out on the auditions you still have a chance to be a part of the project. We’re shooting in Oakland on Saturday March 24th. If you meet the (limited) requirements, have your own ride and are reliable than you get a part in the trailer.

The Extra Role is open to both male and females, any race but you must be under the age of 30. I’m looking for younger actors for this part. And you must email me first to be considered and to get the shooting location.

What you will be doing: You’re going to be killed by the Can-Cannibals themselves. And you will have blood spilled all over you. Pretty simple but loads of fun.

The Female Gang Member Role: I have one other extra role, but it is only if I get enough hardcore/punk female actresses to show up. If I do then select actresses will be cast as an all female street gang! So please email soon and spread the word.

I only need  3-4 more extras so spots are limited!

After the first day of shooting I’ll post anther blog with on-the-set pictures, and I’m planning on posting about all the D.I.Y. special effects I’ll be using in the project too, and I’ll post about its premiere date!

Below some examples of what I’m looking for:
(from “Switchblade Sisters”)

(from “Switchblade Sisters”)

(from “This is England”, though not a gang movie you can see the punk influence)

(from “This is England”)

(from “The Warriors”)

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