East Bay Films – Film Screening and Collective

Always Wrong Film has teamed up with The Pallet Space to create a brand new film screening venue and collective located in Oakland/Emeryville, CA called East Bay Films!

The collective is not specific to any genre, it will be open to every type of film: art house, indie, drama, horror, etc. And to every type of person: filmmakers and fans of film. But this event will focus mainly on horror themed projects.

We are about being inclusive and not being exclusive in any way. We want to foster D.I.Y., no budget, underground film making.

With this event we hope it will grow into more meetings, feature length indie film screenings, a film festival, etc.

Our first night is Saturday Oct. 13th. We will be screening local independent films.

Facebook event: http://www.facebook.com/events/206969392767162/

FREE admission!

Time: 6:00pm

1061 Yerba Buena Ave
Emeryville, CA

The films:

Cinco De Mayo by Paul Ragsdale
(Mexican slasher film) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hlZ_K4Jqfo8

The Can-Cannibals by Matthew Ragsdale
(Splatter punk/grindhouse)

Alligator Bitch by Craig Jacobson

Wireboy (Trailer) by Cassandra Sechler
(experimental, surreal sci-fi/fantasy)

and more!

If you have a short film message me and I will see if I can add it to the program. For most meetings I would love to have the filmmakers themselves show up for the screenings.

Shockerfest 2012 – The Can-Cannibals Double Feature (Grindhouse Trailers) Screening

Great news! If you live in the Central Valley, CA; this October you will be able to watch The Can-Cannibals Double Feature (Grindhouse Trailers) on TV! The Can-Cannibals will be shown as part of the 2012 Shockerfest International Film Festival! You can watch it on Thursday Oct. 4th on Comcast channel 195 and Antenna 14.

The way this festival works is: all month-long in October, everyday starting at 11pm they show the films that are official selections of the festival. There’s also a competition where people get to vote online for their favorite movie. Once they post it I will share it with everyone 🙂

“RMAR” Music Video Auditions

The music video is for the song “Rmar” by Gabber Nullification Project. This will be my second music video I directed for the band; the first one being “Sunday, Sunday.

Rmar stands for Rape, Murder, Arson and Rape. The song is about an individual that performs heinous acts and blames media for his own actions. And the video is a satirical piece where forms of the entertainment industry (film, TV, video games, music and print/model) are presented through the eyes of a radical right-wing watch group. They the media as bad influences and purveyors of filth, alternative (dangerous) life styles, etc. Deep down they believe that the viewer/consumer can be easily influence by the entertainment industry to commit horrible acts on humanity or to “turn” gay or “exploit” oneself. We are presenting this video as a satire; please remember that when reading the character descriptions.


Film Director *Role has been cast*– male, age 25-50, blood thirsty movie director, completely over-the-top with passion, wants extreme amounts of sex and violence in his movies, pushes his actors to their limits. Influences: Eli Roth, Rob Zombie, and the fictional director Vukmir from “A Serbian Film” : http://remycarreiro.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/ser.jpg

Film Actress *Role has been cast*– female, age 18-30, character is acting in a horror film where she is being beaten by a sadist character. She’s push to show more anguish. Role requires provocative imagery and poses, drenched in blood. No nudity.

Film Actor *Role has been cast*– male, age 18-40, character is acting as a sadist in the film director’s movie. He is pushed to make his blows to the actress stronger and more realistic. Role requires to be shirtless, wearing a mask throughout shoot, provocative imagery and drenched in blood. No nudity.

Video Game Player *Role has been cast* – male, age 18-25, stereotypical gamer, young man plays video games alone in his room, through video games he becomes a danger to society; becomes a crazed gunman.

Model *Role has been cast*– female, age 18-30, woman becomes a model but ends up victimizing herself to the smut and sleaze of professional modeling. Role requires provocative poses, implied nudity (tame), implied sexual situations (tame). No nudity.

Hollywood Business Man – male, age 25-50, implied sexual situations (tame). No nudity.

Metal Kid *Role has been cast*– male (or female), age 18-25, stereotypical metal fan, dark clothes, listens to satanic music, becomes suicidal.

Gay TV Star/Host *Role has been cast*– male and female, age 18-40, gay tv star/host attacks his viewers literally, forcing them to become gay.

Victim of Gay TV *Role has been cast*– male and female, age 18-30, tv viewer is literally being attacked by the gay tv star/host, implied sexual situations (tame). No nudity.

Protesters *Role has been cast*– male and female, age 18-60, god fearing Americans, holding various protest signs spewing outlandish rhetoric (and lies) against film, music, video games, print and TV.

If interested in any role please email me (Matt) at alwayswrongfilm@gmail.com

I’m not sure if I will be holding physical auditions, it all depends on how much interest I get. If we have worked together before then you do not need to audition, but please email me anyway, and include what character you would like to play.

If we have never worked together and you would like to act in this project: please contact me and we can step up a time to meet up in person somewhere in public; like at Starbucks or somewhere else in Modesto, CA.

*Video will most likely be shot in Modesto, and some roles will NOT require a long shoot. Please keep this in mind.