Oakland Underground Film Fest & October Update

I just wanted to make a quick blog post sharing my experience at 2012 The Oakland Underground Film Festival and what’s coming up in October.

The film festival was really fun, it was cool to see and meet local film makers. The directors/people involved with their projects who were in attendance were asked to briefly speak about our projects. It was the first time I ever did that, so that was fun, though I was nervous. Sadly we were only asked one question from the audience, lol, and it was fairly basic, which was what encouraging words do we have to share. The question had two parts but no one understand what the person was trying to ask; something about removing ourselves from film. Not sure what that meant, and I can’t remember exactly what she said/asked mostly because I couldn’t hear her. But none of use want to remove ourselves from film, lol.

from the Oakland Underground Film Festival Facebook page

from the Oakland Underground Film Festival Facebook page

I stole from Kevin Smith when I responded to the question, but I didn’t say it as well or clearly as Kevin Smith. It was about not listening/surrounding yourself around people who ask “why?” vs. people who ask “why not?” when it comes to the art world.

And the project was received very well. People laughed and had fun. I wish I could have stayed longer and I hope to come back next year.

Now for what’s coming up in October. First I was sick two weeks ago and it set me back with my music video “Rmar.” I need to storyboard the video and then I can finally contact the actors and work on the shooting schedule. I’m hoping to start shooting in October, but we’ll see.

And of course on Oct. 13th I’m hosting a film screening including my project, my brother’s project and a couple of other local film makers: Craig Jacobson and Cassandra Sechler.
All the info: http://www.alwayswrongfilm.com/2012/09/17/east-bay-films/
Facebook event: http://www.facebook.com/events/206969392767162/

Then there’s the Shockerfest television screening of The Can-Cannibals on Oct. 4th and 18th. Info: http://www.alwayswrongfilm.com/2012/09/10/shockerfest-2012-the-can-cannibals-double-feature-grindhouse-trailers-screening/

And since it’s October, I want to finally upload my latest project online!
Coming soon: The Can-Cannibals!

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