New Faux Grindhouse Trailer and Feature Length Film (In Progress)

Lots of cool new projects coming up! I’m working on a new fake grindhouse trailer (like my Can-Cannibals trailer) and it’s being co-written by my girlfriend (Kendy). The reason why I’m making a new faux trailer is because my brother (his facebook) is adding footage to his short film Cinco De Mayo in order to make it into a feature length movie. He posted on facebook that he is making two fake grindhouse trailers and that inspired me to make a new one too. So he’ll be needing actors for his two trailers and I’ll be casting for mine within the next month. I’ll post a plot synopsis, character descriptions and audition dates soon. Right now I can only share that it’s going to be shorter than my last faux trailer and it will be bloodier!

At the same time, I’ve decided to put most of my energy into making a feature length project, which would be my first. It started out with five different concepts, then down to three and now I believe I’ve settled on the right one to pursue. I’m only in the writing phase currently. My plan is to write it in the next few months and then go into production this year.

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