Brainwash Movie Fest and Shooting Begins on Trap, Neuter, Kill!

So this past weekend on July 20th my faux grindhouse short The Can-Cannibals screened at 19th annual Brainwash Movie Festival in Oakland, CA. Another festival another missed opportunity to take pictures, lol. And some of the Can-Cannibals come out to the screening too. The concept of the festival is that it’s a drive-in, bike-in and walk-in festival. They screen the films outside against a screen/wall. It’s a great concept but I feel maybe they should either move in doors, because even in the summer time the bay area gets really cold at night or pick a bigger spot to show the films. We were at NIMBY‘s an industrial work space; think of giant steampunk sculptures or sculptues you’d find at Burning Man, then that’s what Nimby is; a giant workspace. But the spot we were in was a small cul-de-sac with limited parking. Sadly the event was a little disorganized, for example there wasn’t even an official ticket taker and miscommunication that hurt the festival’s image. But enough negativity because it was a friendly environment and fun.

And I’m happy to say that this Saturday is our first day of shooting for my new faux horror trailer, “Trap, Neuter, Kill!” Like all of my projects I have a lot of familiar faces coming back for this short and a few new ones too. I’m hoping this trailer will come out better, more concise and bloodier than the last one.

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