June Update

I just realized the auditions were way back in March and now it is June with half of the year gone. I just don’t like how slow the film world can be and how fast time goes by. Here’s what has been going on these past few months: I cast the music video. I helped my brother out on two film shoots for his next project. I was the squib guy on his set. Personally I think the squib shots I did in his film are my best to date. Each project I’m learning new ways to build a squib and I think I finally found one that’s reliable. I’m going to post the build on this website in the future. In the mean time here’s a trailer for my brother’s film:

La Soldadera

So this Saturday, June 14th, is going to be a busy fucking day for me and my brother. In the morning he’s shooting the final scene for La Soldadera and I’ll be there for the squib/blood work. Then later that night we shoot my project, the Little Red Riding Hood music video. There’s going to blood, vomit and some violent scenes all being shot in public in downtown Modesto! Wish us luck!


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