“Streets of Vengeance” IndieGoGo Campaign

My brother and his girlfriend, A and P Productions, just launched their fundraising campaign for their next feature length film: “Streets of Vengeance!” It’s an 80s inspired female revenge film inspired by movies from the 70s and 80s like “Savage Streets,” “Ms. 45” and many others. One of the best perks is a limited run VHS copy of the movie; released by Vultra Video! The film includes retrowave/synth music by Vestron Vulture. Check out the pitch video below and the full campaign at indiegogo.

The pitch (taken from indiegogo):

A new cult is emerging on the streets of San Francisco targeting “immoral” women and punishing them for corrupting men’s minds. They videotape themselves torturing, humiliating and murdering these women for the entertainment of other angry creeps across the internet. The group has set its sights on the adult film industry and its hottest young star, Mila. After being tortured and left for dead, Mila crawls back from the threshold of death and seeks her revenge. She puts a group of badass babes together to help rid the streets of the murderous group for good. Sexism. Rape culture. Misogyny. Pornography. Sexual Violence. These are a few of the taboo subjects that make up our 80’s, VHS styled, female revenge movie!

Official music from the film:



In Loving Memory – Sept/Oct Blog

The finalists were announced today for the ABCS of Death part 2 short film competition and my film was not chosen. Which is fine and was expected. A big reason we didn’t get as many views/likes as I had hoped was because I didn’t promote as much as I should have. Also the night before we shot M is for Mass I was making a prop/cutting it. I was cutting down and I used to much pressure and the blade came down on my left index finger, above the knuckle. I was doing this late at night at about 11pm and the cut was deep enough that I had to go to the ER with my girlfriend. I got stitches, which by the way did hurt, and when we left it was around 2-2:30am. The shoot on Saturday was at 3pm but I need to do errands before hand so that sucked.

Then that same night our cat Marilyn wasn’t feeling well and he peed the bed; since June 2013 he was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. Then on my way to the location to shoot it starts to rain, hard. Out of all the days in September, in Summer it fucking rains. Thankfully we were shooting inside, but it was still an annoyance. The shoot went really well though.

In between I had gotten an official email saying my short film The Can-Cannibals had been accepted to a film festival, so I promoted it and planned on attending the festival, but then I get a second email saying it wasn’t accepted. Luckily mutual friends was helping to organize the festival and found out that the person in charge thought my film would be selected so she prematurely sent out an official email before the schedule was official. If it wasn’t for my friends co-organizing the festival then would I had never received an email informing me it wasn’t being shown? Would I have showed up like a fucking idiot and sat there just waiting for my film to pop up on the screen? The woman sent me an apology, again after my friends intervened. They even did their best to make up for the embarrassment and confusion by having it screen before the festival started, but I never found out if it was part of the official selection or not.

So I edited M is for Mass, put it up on youtube/abcs of death entry page and since then we were taking care of our cat Marilyn. He eventually passed on 10/20 and it brought extreme sadness into our lives, still does. My girlfriend wrote a loving memorial for him and you can read it at her blog: http://www.missmuffcake.com/2013/11/memories-and-love-for-best-kitty-ever.html

217237_10150166439271378_566101377_7250558_2084102_nMy girlfriend had Marilyn for 16 years and out of those 16 years I was in his life for 7 and a half. He was an awesome cat, he had one of the most defined personalities in a cat I’ve ever seen. He loved weird foods like avocado, spaghetti noodles, vegan mac and cheese, and much more. When we would come home, I would open the door and he’d hop down from his perch, or where ever he was and greet us at the door, like a dog. He didn’t just treat us like we were the ones that provided food, he truly loved us and especially Kendy (my girlfriend). He was a fighter, he hung in there to be with us for as long as he could. His will was strong, his medical conditions were holding him back and I know if he could he’d still be here right now. I want to write more but there’s so much to write but it hurts to write. He was king of the castle. We miss him. We have his ashes. And my girlfriend made an altar for him on Dias De Los Muertos. We love him.

But once he passed I did not give a shit about some online competition. I couldn’t promote my own film. But with one last effort I wrote an email to our local newspaper asking if they can simply promote not only my film but two other Modesto film marker’s who had entered into this worldwide competition. I even sent them messages/tweets on twitter, but got absolute nothing in return. They did not respond to my email, and they couldn’t even take the time to press the “re-tweet” button on twitter. Fucking bullshit. Where I live, Modesto, they do not give a shit about film let alone indie film. Art in this town is geared toward children and the elderly, and for whatever fucking reason they choose to ignore the 18-35 year old demographic. But even when we do have younger business owners/artists they want the community to support them but they don’t support the community back. I had a local cafe tell me he didn’t want to put up a flyer because his independent business was, “all about the coffee.” His establishment still exists in some form but he’s no longer the owner.

With all that shit, my love for film making has not dissipated, it is not gone! I have already entered Mass into another online competition and I am looking into film festivals. My short was made to be self-contained in a 3 minute format so I’m keeping it the same. I only added two things: One was an extra slightly longer shot of the actor Colton bleeding from his head and the other thing I added was credits. So it’s still the same movie. But I’m probably taking it off youtube while I enter festivals. It will come back online eventually. Though I went on about negatives, it’s because film/art is so important to me and I’m very passionate about it. And I get passionate when art is mishandled, ignored or abused; in one way or another.

I’m also working on a new script. This blog has gone on too long, so I’ll save details about the new script for later.

Sadness and anger was my September and October, but we’re living and I can keep going on.

Take care,

Production Update – ABCs of Death part 2

On Saturday (Sept 21st) we shot my entry into the ABCs of Death part 2 online competition. I wrote all about the specifics of the competition in my last post: http://www.alwayswrongfilm.com/2013/08/21/abcs-of-death-part-2-auditions/.

Because there’s a deadline with this film, I had to put my other horror short film “Trap, Neuter, Kill!” on hold. The only major thing I was waiting on was a visual effect, but I the artists finished that this past week. Not only have we shot the whole film in a single day, but as of this post I have the film completely edit! I’m really happy about the editing process with this project, because I was working with a tight time frame of 3 minutes, but I never ran into a roadblock of too much footage and not enough time. I did cut a couple of lines but nothing major.

I knew I would need music for the short, and usually I wait til I’m actually editing the film to find the right music, so instead I approach an independent musician before we even shot. Thankfully the musician agreed to the project and was able to compose an original song for the short without seeing a frame of footage. It was all based on the script and it came out really good!

The film will be posted sometime this week on youtube, most likely on Sunday. I’m really excited for people to see it. I’ll post photos real soon on my facebook: facebook.com/alwayswrongfilm.

To watch the other entries go here: http://26th.abcsofdeathpart2.com/entries/

ABCs of Death Part 2 Auditions

In my last blog I said how I’m planning on entering the online short film competition for the ABCs of Death part 2. Not only have I wrote my short film but my girlfriend has written one too! She’ll also be directing it. And it’s already almost cast. But I still have my cast call below. The ABCs of Death is a 26 part horror anthology that consists of horror directors from around the world and if we win our film gets to be apart of it. It will be on the DVD and get national distribution. The first ABCs of Death is available at large retailers like Best Buy and is currently on Netflix instant. This is a competition so I don’t want to reveal the plot so the character listing will be vague. Once it’s cast you’ll receive the full script. Info on the competition at the official website: http://26th.abcsofdeathpart2.com/

Here’s a description from the website:

“So, how do you participate? First, you”ll choose your own ABCs OF DEATH word starting with the letter “M.” For example, M is For Murder… or ideally something way more creative than that.

Then, you set out to create a short film inspired by the word you’ve chosen. How you interpret the word is entirely up to each competitor. You can shoot live-action, animation, stop-motion, use actors, cut-outs, puppets or animals. The choice is yours – there are no restrictions on content or creativity, provided of course you don’t break any international laws… or bore us.”

Casting Call for ABCs of Death part 2 short film:

My short film deals with the occult and religion, though it’s not satanic and no other religion is referenced by name. I felt I should point that out. In the story, it’s a religion made up of mostly women, but I can put in a few male extras in there too. The film is only 3 minutes so all the parts are important and will get plenty of screen time.

Will be shot in September in the Central Valley. No pay.

Priestess: *Part has been cast*

The Vessel: female, 18-29, used as a messenger

Acolyte: female, 18-35, holds ceremonial blade

Crucifer: female, 18-30, holds their crucifix

Cult Members (extras): female and male, 18-40,

Fundamentalist Leader: male, 25+, leader of hateful group

Fundamentalists (2-3): male, 18+, part of hateful group

email: Matt alwayswrongfilm@gmail.com

Trap, Neuter, Kill Production Update and Up-coming Projects

We shot two days for the new faux horror trailer “Trap, Neuter, Kill!” Production has been going pretty well, other than one of the special effects not working properly, but I’m re-shooting it this Saturday. Once this film is wrapped, I’m moving onto the next one. There’s a lot of other projects I want to do this year and I don’t want to waste time in between them. I want to keep pushing forward, no breaks.

More photos on Facebook and Flickr

I’m also working on a new music video, currently I’m writing it. I’ll share the name of the band and song once I’ve got it written out. What I can say is that the video will be shot in the style of a giallo film, which is an Italian style of slasher films from the 70s and 80s, but they were more entrenched in crime and mystery. It’s going to be really fun to shoot in that style. Again I’ll share more info as I write it.

Recently I came up with a brand new concept for a possible feature length film. I’m really early in the process with this one, it doesn’t even have a title! But what I can say is that the main cast will be very small, right now it’s only 3 characters. And I’m hoping I don’t add too many more. It’s also a film with mostly talking, which is great for no-budget guys like me. There’s no special effects needed at this time. I’ll just need strong actors.

Another project I’m thinking of doing extremely soon is a 3 minute horror film to enter into the ABCs of Death part 2 competition. It was just announced today and if I can come up with an original concept I think it’s worth the shot. http://26th.abcsofdeathpart2.com/

New Faux Grindhouse Trailer and Feature Length Film (In Progress)

Lots of cool new projects coming up! I’m working on a new fake grindhouse trailer (like my Can-Cannibals trailer) and it’s being co-written by my girlfriend (Kendy). The reason why I’m making a new faux trailer is because my brother (his facebook) is adding footage to his short film Cinco De Mayo in order to make it into a feature length movie. He posted on facebook that he is making two fake grindhouse trailers and that inspired me to make a new one too. So he’ll be needing actors for his two trailers and I’ll be casting for mine within the next month. I’ll post a plot synopsis, character descriptions and audition dates soon. Right now I can only share that it’s going to be shorter than my last faux trailer and it will be bloodier!

At the same time, I’ve decided to put most of my energy into making a feature length project, which would be my first. It started out with five different concepts, then down to three and now I believe I’ve settled on the right one to pursue. I’m only in the writing phase currently. My plan is to write it in the next few months and then go into production this year.

Happy New Year – Rmar Production Update

I hope everyone had a great holiday and a safe/fun new year 🙂

Just updating everyone on the Rmar music video. Sadly I didn’t make the deadline of uploading the music video before the new year. But hopefully I’ll have it ready for early 2013. So I wanted to open up on the reasons why it has been taking longer than usual to edit this video. There’s two things:

1. This is the first time I’m editing while working a regular full-time job. So I don’t get that much time during the week to work on the video, nor do I on the weekends because I’ve been pretty busy lately. I know other people can manage it, so I know I should be able to do it too. Which I will of course. *Quick aside, I did have a “normal” full-time job when editing The Can-Cannibals grindhouse shorts but as I will explain in a later post that too was difficult to manage. But that’s a different story for a different time.

2. To be honest, I’ve been having trouble with the structure of the video; on how to format it. Unlike my previous music videos which were pretty much short films, this video is more fast paced, rapid with many cuts, essentially it’s and more like a music video, lol. So I’m having a hard time grasping exactly how to edit it with such little time to work on it. But I’ve got some good news, I’ve recently come up with a new approach to the video, and I feel this is the right direction to take it. I’m not giving up! If there’s any major updates I’ll share them on my Facebook or here.

Thanks to those involved for your patience 🙂

Lastly, I just want to share some inspiration for this video. I know it’s weird to share another music video while working/promoting my own, but whatever. Remember: I’m influenced by not taking (stealing) from Pearl Jam’s “Do The Evolution” music video.

And I was inspired by the film A Clockwork Orange; then again I’m inspired by A Clockwork Orange for almost every project I work on.

And the opening credit sequence from Enter The Void



Rmar Production Update and ITSA Film Festival 2012

Just a quick update on my new project “Rmar,” which is a music video for Gabber Nullification Project. This is my second video for the band. If you read my earlier blog post in September I posted an open call audition for Rmar. I had to cut some characters out which was fine because I cut some extra roles and one character that was only added for one gag in the video. But sadly one person dropped out and I had to cut a major character from the video. I don’t mind, that shit happens, but it could have been handled better on the actor’s part. But now looking at the footage I think the video will work better without these characters. I always have the tendency to shoot too much footage, which can ruin the flow of the scenes and I just have to cut out good material because of time.

We shot the video in two days and it was great. The weather was great, we shot locally and had very few props or costumes. I and some actors were late on both shoots, but that was the only problem we ran into. I loved working with actors from previous projects but I was also able to cast some new faces. Because of my regular work schedule, it will take quite a bit of time to edit this thing together. So to my actors: please be patient with me 🙂

On Saturday (November 3rd) was the screening of The Can-Cannibals in Sonora, CA at the 2012 ITSA Film Festival. My girlfriend and I attended the festival but before we arrived we went to Murphys, CA and ate vegan beet burger sliders on a house made challah bun with house made chips on the side at Mineral. It was really fucking good! Anyone in the area seriously has to go try them, even if you’re not vegan you will love them.

We attended the horror segment of ITSA Film Festival called Reel Scary. The Can-Cannibals kicked off the event by screening first. The festival was real fun. This was our second time attending; the first time was for the Attack of the Killer UFOs music video. This time I got to speak for a little bit to the crowd about the project. And got to talk to a couple of cool people about film. Hopefully we stay in contact because it’s really important for our local film community to stay connected.

Here are a couple of short films that I really enjoyed:

He Dies At The End. Written & Directed by Damian Mc Carthy.

Dark Times by Peter Horn & Jared Marshall

More updates coming soon!

Music That Inspired The Project: The Can-Cannibals Double Feature (Grindhouse Trailers)

This will be an ongoing segment for all projects.

I listen to a lot of music in order to gain inspiration for current projects I’m working on. So here’s a list of artists and songs that I listened to when I was writing, story boarding, editing, etc for The Can-Cannibal Double Feature – Grindhouse Trailers.

Nice Face

White Lung

Bugs and Rats
Entire album is available as a free download: bugsandrats.bandcamp.com/album/adidas

Supersonic Piss
Entire album is available as a free download: supersonicpiss.bandcamp.com/album/garbage-life

Marie Dior
Entire album is available as a free download: auralsects.bandcamp.com/album/7

Ener Y Deci
Entire album is available as a free download: auralsects.bandcamp.com/album/cruel-child

“Awakening” by Bloodhuff
Listen to the rest of their tape here: last.fm/music/bloodhuff
and buy it/download here: pricetapes.tumblr.com/post/4961182988/pt004-bloodhuff-s-t-c16-edition-of-100-free

“Lifeless” by Deadbeats

“The Man Who Broke into the House” by Manual Zombie

“We’re Here, We’re Hungry” by Motorama

*Just a quick note: these are not the only songs I listened to while doing the project. I listen to everything on my ipod on every single project, but there are always a few choice songs/artists that I turn to for inspiration on specific projects.

Can-Cannibals Grindhouse Trailer – Production Update 2

I had planned on doing a blog post on the first day of shooting for this grindhouse trailer but I wanted it to be pretty thorough; sharing everything about the production and various obstacles, so that post will have to wait. I just wanted to share that we did finish principal photography on the project and since then I’ve been editing it. Also it looks like I will be filming a few more insert shots/scenes hopefully this weekend with just a couple of the main actors. I’ll also share more on that in a future post.

The editing process has been slow for me, mostly because I have a full time job that leaves little time to work. Also this is the first time I’ve ever had a deadline to meet, which is the cast and crew premiere on May 3rd at a local multiplex theater.

So anyways, everyday I’m working on it, getting it ready for the premiere and even after that I’m still going to be working on it. What the cast sees at the premiere, which will be awesome, won’t be nearly as cool as when I put it on DVD 🙂

Here are some photos from the shoot.
To see more go to the Always Wrong facebook: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.384017098290281.91724.149834948375165&type=3