Blue Jungle – Little Red Riding Hood (2014)

Music video for the song “Little Red Riding Hood” performed by Blue Jungle.
Loveless Youth EP (2011)

A dark art-house take of Little Red Riding Hood filled with grotesque symbolism inspired by Jacob’s Ladder (1990) and Possession (1981).

2015 ITSA Film Festival – REEL Scary (Nov. 13)
2017 Hardcore Horror Fest Chicago, Illinois (Feb. 18th)

Video Written and Directed by Matthew Ragsdale.
Director of Photography Paul Ragsdale

Kayla Steele
Stefani Potter
Ryan Fikeis
Joshua Palafox
Chad Holley

Tentacle Prop and Operation by
Shannon Burla
David Burla

Special Thanks
Kendy Paxia

Shot on Cannon XH A1
Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro CS3

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