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Gabber Nullification Project, or GNP for short, is a three-pronged attack on your senses. GNP is comprised of three parts; Aaron on vocals, Kenney on drums and Brian on keys. Their on-stage chemistry and charisma, coupled with hardcore electronic beats and their mind-blowing video displays, brings electronic music to the stage like few others do. By the time their set is done, you’ll be left wanting more and wondering who drank your beer.

When GNP started out, the goal was to bring hardcore electronic music out of the CD player, and onto the stage. Too many artists had been getting by just by playing their CD live, with the occasional “live” vocal thrown in here and there.

GNP brings a sensory overload to fans who come out to the gigs. Aside from the headbang-enducing hardcore beats, earwormy synth riffs and catchy anthemic lyrics, GNP has an eye-catching video setup, which in a given night, you could witness the undead scuffling with sharks or anarchic video arcade armageddon. – AaronGNP

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