Cast and Crew

“Attack of the Killer UFOs” IMDb page


Spencer Reza El Bastardo Magnífico
Lindsay Amaral Martian Queen
Ryan Holley Martian Henchman 1
Iava To’omata Martian Henchman 2
Pete Magazinovic Scientist
Steven Pettit Jr Government Agent
Christian Leal Carjack Victim
Sarah Adalyn Dancing Teen
Cherney Amhara Dancing Teen
Kyle Duval Dancing Teen
Joshua Palafox Dancing Teen
Jessica Pierini Dancing Teen
Jordan Pierini Dancing Teen
Brianda Ramierz Dancing Teen


Directed by
Matthew Ragsdale

Written by
Matthew Ragsdale

Cinematography by
Paul Ragsdale

Editing by
Matthew Ragsdale

Produced by
Matthew Ragsdale

Camera Operator
Paul Ragsdale

Special Effects by
Matthew Ragsdale

Makeup and Props by
Kendy Paxia

Hair by
Jenna Dentoni

Effects from Detonation Films

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