Cast and Crew

“Save A Little Piece Of Your Heart (For Me)” IMDb page


Heather Marie Ellison Uni
Joshua Palafox Lead Male
Lindsay Amaral Red Heart Couple
Bobby Schauer Red Heart Couple
Jessica Due Black Heart Couple
Kyle Duval Black Heart Couple
Royhazel Edmonds Pride Heart Couple
Louis Ruvalcaba Pride Heart Couple


Henry Girls on Harmonies
Tom Griesser on Clarinet
Zack Proteau on Bass
Meredith Axelrod on Guitar
Nate Fadelli on Drums


Directed by
Matthew Ragsdale

Written by
Matthew Ragsdale

Cinematography by
Paul Ragsdale

Editing by
Matthew Ragsdale

Produced by
Matthew Ragsdale

Camera Operator
Paul Ragsdale

Props and Effects by
Matthew Ragsdale
Kendy Paxia

Hair bow provided by
LEGO Hearts provided by

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