Empty Days (2009)

Written and Directed by Matthew Ragsdale
Director of Photography Paul Ragsdale

2010 Winner – The Indie Gathering Film Festival: 1st Place (Micro Film – Drama Comedy) http://www.theindiegathering.com

Plot: A young man has been attending a weekly meeting consisting of cinema snobs and theater actors for the past month in order to make friends. He believes that a young woman, who attends the meetings, might be the one person he needs to impress in order to get out of his current state of loneliness.

Copyright 2009

For full cast and crew credits: IMDb

Production: Shoot in late Spring 2009 after over a three year hiatus. Initially conceived for a short film competition; the film proved to be the launching point into a new wave of projects. It also brought some the cast and crew back together from “Removal Notes.” The film was shot in one afternoon at a small diner, Concetta, in downtown Modesto, CA.


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