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Original song “Perdurabo” written and performed by Spleen Erebus.

Story behind the song: Though the film was inspired by Chelsea Wolfe and a few other musicians I never had any intentions of using a song that is more pop/rock and definitely none with lyrics. So I sought out to find an ambient/experimental musician. I found Serbia based solo artist Spleen Erebus on bandcamp. I was very impressed with the music and sent an email to Spleen. This was the first and only artist I had approached for the soundtrack of “Mass.” Thankfully Spleen was very nice and extremely receptive to the idea. Spleen composed an original song based solely off reading the script. The song was sent to me before we even started shooting. When I first laid down the track along with the film during the editing process it shocked me how well it fit in the movie. It was almost scary how well it fit, the music built up along with the story, plot and action of the movie. I was very pleased with the song; also this was the first time I had a musician compose an original song for any of my films. Can’t wait to work with Spleen again and with other artists on future projects.

Bio for Spleen (taken from Spleen Reverbnation page):

Spleen is music coming from the most secret and dark part of our soul that cannot be seen with the eyes – our primal nature! Depressing, sad, hateful ambiental melodies are conjuring the occult hidden spheres of myself and representing complete freedom when viewed from the highest plane of thought.It is totally DIY project, true underground with no intentions of getting out of that framework. It is rebellion against human stupidity, religion and all the shitty trends. Spleen is escape from the suffering of this world through aesthetic enjoyment, rejecting my humanity.

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