Penalty (2010)

Written and Directed by Matthew Ragsdale
Director of Photography Paul Ragsdale

2010 Winner – The Indie Gathering Film Festival: 8th Place (Top 10 Drama – Short Film)

Plot: Evelyn, a young woman barely making ends meet, works a second job as a house cleaner for a well off older man, who has the tendency of hiding money in his home. After being accused of stealing by the old man’s son, Evelyn turns to her only family for help. Her cousin, Anthony an earnest under privileged young man, must decide how far he will go to help his cousin get out of poverty.

Copyright 2010

For full cast and crew credits: IMDb

Production: Shooting began in late 2009 in Riverbank, CA. 80% of the movie was shot in one day (Saturday); the following day was used for pick up shots and to film the squib shot. This was the first movie to use a squib (made out of a two liter, a bike pump, plastic tube and a release value). During the editing process it was decided to add 3 new scenes and re-shoot the ending. Due to scheduling conflicts the rest of the film was not shot until early 2010 (Jan-Feb). Scenes were shot in Modesto and again in Riverbank, CA.


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