Removal Notes (2008)

Written and Directed by Matthew Ragsdale
Director of Photography Paul Ragsdale

2009 Winner – The Indie Gathering Film Festival: 1st Place (Short Film-Drama)
The Indie

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Plot: Two high school students casually reflecting about their friendship, bullies, teachers, and life goals after they had just attacked their school with machine guns and pipe bombs. The film also follows the trials of four students who survived the attack as they heal their wounds and try to escape from the school alive.

For full cast and crew credits: IMDb

Featured in the film are the songs “Raddy Daddy” and “Sharks” written and performed by Picastro.

Permission for use of all songs Courtesy of Liz Hysen Of Picastro.

Production: Shot in Spring 2006 at Thomas Downey High School (graduating high school for many of the cast of crew). The movie was shot as a final film project for Modesto Junior College and originally as a 6 minute short. But both versions (long and short) of the film were shot at the same time. After many weeks meeting with the principal of Downey and getting a MJC student film insurance program the film was ready to begin it’s 3 day shoot which was expanded out to shoot every Saturday for 3 weeks.  The shooting hours for each day were between 4-6 hours; early morning to afternoon. One week before shooting began there was a casting change for two of the characters and one of the actors didn’t get her script until 1-2 days before shooting her scenes. Even with the setbacks everyone came through on their part and made a great product. After shooting, the director and writer, Matthew Ragsdale, went through extremely difficult times. The film was completely edited but was put on hold. Another set back for the release of the film was wanting verbal permission to use music from “Picastro.” A personal letter was eventually sent to the singer, Liz Hysen, for permission to use her music and she gracefully agreed. The film was finally completed in 2008.

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