The Can-Cannibals Double Feature (Grindhouse Trailers) – 2012

Written and Directed by Matthew Ragsdale
Director of Photography Paul Ragsdale

“fans of 70s female gang films like Jack Hill’s SWITCHBLADE SISTERS will find plenty to love here.” Doug,

“Courtney Cipriani as Rebelle brings the right sort of sneering attractiveness to her role. She looks the part and talks the talk” Keri O’Shea,

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Official Selection/Screenings:

2013 BCM Horror Film Festival (Berkeley, CA)
2013 East Bay Indie Scream Festival (Oakland, CA)
2013 Brainwash Movie Festival (Oakland, CA)
2013 Carnage Asada Film Festival (Modesto, CA)
2013 A Nightmare To Remember International Horror Film Festival (San Francisco, CA)
2013 Horror Hotel: International Festival and Convention (Hudson, OH)
2012 Horrible Imaginings Art Gallery (San Diego, CA)
2012 Fright Bites Film Fest (Elgin, IL)
2012 ITSA Film Festival (Sonora, CA)
2012 ShockerFest (Modesto, CA)
East Bay Films Horror Night at The Pallet Space (Emeryville, CA)
2012 Oakland Underground Film Festival (Oakland, CA)



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