Cinco De Mayo out now on home video!

My brother and his girlfriend’s horror feature film, “Cinco De Mayo” is out now on DVD!

Paul and Angie are the boyfriend/girlfriend film making duo of A & P Productions.

It is distributed by an new indie distro Slasher // Video


Available on Amazon

There’s a lot of cool special features including audio commentary with cast and crew, Q and A with cast and crew and an early short film by A and P Productions “The Mexican Connection.”



Alt Cover


Alt back cover



Carnage Asada Film Festival Screening

Poster I made for the film festival.

This past Saturday was the Carnage Asada film festival where 8 horror/grindhouse films by local CA film makers were screened. My faux trailer The Can-Cannibals screened along with my brother’s feature length Cinco De Mayo in our home town Modesto, CA at the State Theater. The organizers of the festival are also Modesto film makers, and they screened their grindhouse feature length, Oscar’s Theme 2, at the end of the show. Sadly (to my knowledge) a program was never made for the festival so I can’t share the other short films info or links. This was the first time they organized a film festival, so there was some mistakes and missteps along the way but it ended up being a real fun evening. I’m hoping it will happen again.

It was really fun to have it shown at our only independent movie theater in Modesto and one of the few, if only, indie theaters in the county. The audience was really receptive and would cheer at some of the deaths, which is awesome, that’s what we want. Personally with all the festivals my project has played, audience participate is actually rare. Which is too bad, because it can make it real fun and much more enjoyable. With my project, people just need to let loose and not take it so seriously.

I forgot to take photos but here are a few from other people, lol.

from The State Theater’s facebook

My brother and his girlfriend Angie, the writing and directing duo of A & P Productions


Cast of Cinco De Mayo


East Bay Films – Film Screening and Collective

Always Wrong Film has teamed up with The Pallet Space to create a brand new film screening venue and collective located in Oakland/Emeryville, CA called East Bay Films!

The collective is not specific to any genre, it will be open to every type of film: art house, indie, drama, horror, etc. And to every type of person: filmmakers and fans of film. But this event will focus mainly on horror themed projects.

We are about being inclusive and not being exclusive in any way. We want to foster D.I.Y., no budget, underground film making.

With this event we hope it will grow into more meetings, feature length indie film screenings, a film festival, etc.

Our first night is Saturday Oct. 13th. We will be screening local independent films.

Facebook event:

FREE admission!

Time: 6:00pm

1061 Yerba Buena Ave
Emeryville, CA

The films:

Cinco De Mayo by Paul Ragsdale
(Mexican slasher film)

The Can-Cannibals by Matthew Ragsdale
(Splatter punk/grindhouse)

Alligator Bitch by Craig Jacobson

Wireboy (Trailer) by Cassandra Sechler
(experimental, surreal sci-fi/fantasy)

and more!

If you have a short film message me and I will see if I can add it to the program. For most meetings I would love to have the filmmakers themselves show up for the screenings.

Can-Cannibals Grindhouse Trailer – Production Update 2

I had planned on doing a blog post on the first day of shooting for this grindhouse trailer but I wanted it to be pretty thorough; sharing everything about the production and various obstacles, so that post will have to wait. I just wanted to share that we did finish principal photography on the project and since then I’ve been editing it. Also it looks like I will be filming a few more insert shots/scenes hopefully this weekend with just a couple of the main actors. I’ll also share more on that in a future post.

The editing process has been slow for me, mostly because I have a full time job that leaves little time to work. Also this is the first time I’ve ever had a deadline to meet, which is the cast and crew premiere on May 3rd at a local multiplex theater.

So anyways, everyday I’m working on it, getting it ready for the premiere and even after that I’m still going to be working on it. What the cast sees at the premiere, which will be awesome, won’t be nearly as cool as when I put it on DVD 🙂

Here are some photos from the shoot.
To see more go to the Always Wrong facebook:


Blood, Guts, and Garterbelts! Meet the Can-Cannibals!

The audition is almost here, so I thought it would be a good idea to introduce everyone to stars of the trailer: The Can-Cannibals. Who and what exactly are the Can-Cannibals? They are a punk rock cabaret/burlesque dance troupe based in Oakland, CA and they perform at burlesque shows up and down the West Coast.  I went to high school with the leader and founder of the group Vaudie Bristow aka Vaudie Va-Boom, in Modesto, CA. We attended drama class together, acted in plays and hung out. She also acted in my short film Removal Notes. After she moved to Oakland she started the Can-Cannibals. I always wanted to incorporate her burlesque group into one of my projects. Then finally after five years we meet up in person, talked about our lives and about future projects.

Soon after that my brother approached me to make a fake trailer to play before his film “Cinco De Mayo” and the first idea that popped into my head was a Can-Cannibal movie. It all seemed to come into place. It was the right time and project to work on with my friend. So that’s why (and how) the Can-Cannibals are getting the grindhouse treatment. It’s going to be a fantastic trailer and we’re hoping that it will reach out to new audiences

Can-Cannibal Facebook Page:

Be sure to check out the audition page for all the info:

How the Can-Cannibals were conceived:
(Taken from their facebook page)

“One day Miss Vaudie Va-Boom had a vision…It was a vision of beautiful scantily clad women enticing audiences with their long legs and swirling skirts to be their next meal!
Her sick and twisted mind took her places where only the most genius of psychopaths would dare to go… And the Can-Cannibals were born!

The Can-Cannibals Dance Troupe was started in January of 2008 with only 4 dancers. We honed our skills in a dark and dirty warehouse in Downtown Oakland, feeding off the flesh of unsuspecting victims, until we were ready for our debut performance in February of 2008 at Va-Boom’s Valentine Punk Rock Cabaret.

Now 2 whole years later we’ve doubled in size, put a huge variety of shows under our (garter)belts, and have made a name for ourselves in many of the Oakland and San Francisco underground scenes.

The Can-Cannibals now consist of 8 lovely females with a hunger for flesh, a thirst for blood, and a passion to dance… and one brave man who we allow to keep his life in exchange for not only his muscles, brains, blood, and guts, but for his charm, good looks and diabolic dance skills!

Our troupe is the perfect addition to any show, event, or party wanting to include savagery, long legged women, blood, and ruffly underpants into their night!
But, don’t get too close… WE BITE!”

The Can-Cannibals Grindhouse Trailer

I’m proud to finally reveal my next project plus the audition date! As I posted earlier I’m doing a grindhouse inspired “fake” trailer, but the type of trailer I’m doing is a punk rock, 80s horror, cannibal trailer featuring the Oakland based punk rock cabaret/burlesque group The Can-Cannibals!

I’m teaming up with my old friend from high school Vaudie (who was also in Removal Notes almost six years ago!) who is also the leader and founder of the Can-Cannibals.


Date: Saturday, Feb. 18th
Time: 11:00am – 3:00pm
Location: Stanislaus County Library – Conference Room
1500 “I” Street
Modesto, CA 95354

To all the potential actors don’t worry, I’m not going to cut corners with this project. I’m treating this trailer like a short film so expect plenty of story and characters.

Here’s the list of characters (beside the cannibals themselves) I’m casting:

Lead Female – Age from 18 to 30, Any race
Girl discover a punk feminist group and wants to join, but finds a darker side to the group/cult.
Detective – Male, Age from 25 to 50, Any race
Detective trying to track down the cannibal murderers (punks), winds up becoming a vigilante out for justice.
Drug Dealer – Male, Age from 18 to 40, Any race
Intimidating/grimy looking
Cops – Male/Female, Age from 18 to 50, Any race
Line speaking roles, potential victims.
Cannibal Victims – Male/Female Age from 18 to 50, Any race
Victims of the cannibal punks, some will have spoken lines all with be covered in blood.

*NO nudity
No experience necessary.
You may bring a head shot and/or a prepared monologue, but neither are required.

The film will be shot in two different locations: Half in Modesto, CA and the other half in Oakland Ca.
***Keep in mind there’s only one audition date and it will only be held in Modesto. You have the choice to film only in one city, but you must come out to the audition in Modesto to be considered first.***

Contact email:
(More blog posts about the production of this project will be coming down the line)

Up-Coming Projects in 2012 (So Far)

In an effort to start blogging more and utilizing this website, I’ve decided to become more open with my upcoming projects. Starting now I will be posting (as often as I can) production updates on all my projects; including every part of the process from concept to the final product. You may even witness a project begin but never come together, or a project begin but not be finished until months or even years later. Should be fun.

So anyway here’s what I’m working on: One project which I dubbed “my personal project” has been in production (one way or another) since fall 2010. It’s a “personal project” not because of its subject matter but because I’m pretty much the only one working on it including writing, shooting, and acting. In a future post I will reveal more about this project like it’s title, concept, story etc. But that will have its own separate updates.

My next project which I’m working on right now is a “fake” trailer to be played before (or after I’m not sure) my brother’s short Mexploitation film “Cinco De Mayo”. Which means this trailer is highly (if not completely) influenced by grindhouse cinema from the 1970s and 1980s. Again I will reveal more details about this project as they develop including casting, audition dates, and concept.

Here’s my brother’s (real) trailer for his up coming short film “Cinco De Mayo” which he just wrapped a few days ago.