Festival Screening for Little Red and Updates

Great news! My music video for Blue Jungle, “Little Red Riding Hood” is being screened on Nov. 13th (Friday the 13th!) at the ITSA Film Festival in Sonora, CA. It is being screened as part of their “Reel Scary” program. This year the 3 day long festival is FREE! You can enjoy the beautiful scenery and enjoy/support indie film. This is my 4 project to be screened at this festival. They’ve been very supportive of my films. I almost forgot to enter their festival this year, I entered at the last minute. I mostly forgot because film has taken an unwanted break and I haven’t been in the festival/film making mood. So I missed other festivals because of that. Music videos are a little harder to get noticed/screened at festivals so I don’t submit as aggressively. But if there’s a chance to support a festival like ITSA then I make an exception.

Full festival schedule: http://itsafilmfestival.com/2015-official-selections/

Updates: My brother is almost done with principal photography on his 80s inspired revenge film Streets of Vengeance. He just released the trailer. I’m working hard on my feature length film, I’ve written about 40 pages, and I will have very exciting updates in the coming months. Meanwhile keep in touch with me on Facebook and check out my brother’s trailer below. Thanks.

Rmar Music Video Is Done! …Late Blog!

Wow man I’m really bad at keeping up with a blog. I didn’t even make a post the very day I posted the new music video. But no one is really reading and my computer when out for a week, but those still aren’t good enough excuses. I’ll try to do better 🙂

First: The music video for Gabber Nullification Project.

Second, I’ve been wanting/planning to do more blog posts less about self-promotion and more about no-budget film techniques, advice and tales. I’m hoping to post a simple one soon then move on to how to build squibs, make blood and more!

Happy New Year – Rmar Production Update

I hope everyone had a great holiday and a safe/fun new year 🙂

Just updating everyone on the Rmar music video. Sadly I didn’t make the deadline of uploading the music video before the new year. But hopefully I’ll have it ready for early 2013. So I wanted to open up on the reasons why it has been taking longer than usual to edit this video. There’s two things:

1. This is the first time I’m editing while working a regular full-time job. So I don’t get that much time during the week to work on the video, nor do I on the weekends because I’ve been pretty busy lately. I know other people can manage it, so I know I should be able to do it too. Which I will of course. *Quick aside, I did have a “normal” full-time job when editing The Can-Cannibals grindhouse shorts but as I will explain in a later post that too was difficult to manage. But that’s a different story for a different time.

2. To be honest, I’ve been having trouble with the structure of the video; on how to format it. Unlike my previous music videos which were pretty much short films, this video is more fast paced, rapid with many cuts, essentially it’s and more like a music video, lol. So I’m having a hard time grasping exactly how to edit it with such little time to work on it. But I’ve got some good news, I’ve recently come up with a new approach to the video, and I feel this is the right direction to take it. I’m not giving up! If there’s any major updates I’ll share them on my Facebook or here.

Thanks to those involved for your patience 🙂

Lastly, I just want to share some inspiration for this video. I know it’s weird to share another music video while working/promoting my own, but whatever. Remember: I’m influenced by not taking (stealing) from Pearl Jam’s “Do The Evolution” music video.

And I was inspired by the film A Clockwork Orange; then again I’m inspired by A Clockwork Orange for almost every project I work on.

And the opening credit sequence from Enter The Void



Indie Gathering Film Festival 2012 – “Attack of the Killer UFOs” Screening

I’m proud to announce (late sorry!) that the music video I directed “Attack of the Killer UFOs,” written and performed by Jonah Jello, will be screen at the 2012 Indie Gathering Film Festival in Hudson, Ohio. The video placed 3rd in the Music Video – Other category. Listing of all the winners: http://www.theindiegathering.com/page9.php

Sadly this is another year I won’t be attending The Indie Gathering, but I do hope one day soon to have a feature length film screen there and I will make it point to attend and promote the film festival. Thanks to all the festival organizers!

Screening date/time: Saturday, August 18th at 12:00PM in Screening Room A part of the Music Video Block.

Screening schedule: http://theindiegathering.com/page16.php


NorCalFilmFest – Annoucement

Good News Everyone! The music video I directed for the song “Save A Little Piece Of Your Heart (For Me)” by uni and her ukelele was accepted to the 2011 NorcalFilmFest!

The way this festival works: they show all the films on TV (Cities from Stockton to Merced can tune in) on KAZV-TV comcast 195 & Charter and broadcast channel 14 during the month of December. The music video will be shown on Dec. 4th (Sat.), 10th (Sun.), 18th (Sat.) and 24th (Sun.) at 1:00pm for all four days. I noticed some other local Central Valley film makers got their films in the festival also, which is great seeing as this festival is organized by a local film non-profit organization (FIRESIDE FOUNDATION, Inc.).

The schedule: http://www.norcalfilmfest.net/schedule.html

You can also vote for your favorite feature film, short film and MUSIC VIDEO! There’s only one choice in the music video category so you would think it’s a sure win for my video, but knowing my luck someway, somehow I will still lose, lol. If you want you can vote for my video (it’s the very last category/choice at the bottom).


Thank you to everyone in the cast and crew!
In related news: Heather of Uni and her Ukelele has a kickstarter going on; she’s raising funds for her next full length album. Check it out and donate 🙂


ITSA Film Festival 2011

On Saturday Oct. 1st was the ITSA Film Festival, where they screened the music video I directed for the song “Attack of the Killer UFOS” by Johan Jello. It was a good sized crowd at the event held inside the Sonora Opera Hall, but I know a lot of them weren’t expecting what has about to hit them (music included), and maybe even the reference may have been lost on younger audience members. I know though that the crowd enjoy the video regardless, which is all that matters.

I attended the festival with my girlfriend Kendy (She blogged about her experience at the festival and in town check it out at missmuffcake.com).  The festival was held in Sonora, CA (and Groveland, CA) and it was our first time visiting that city and it was honestly the first time I’ve ever been surrounded by so much nature; it was great. We also went to a nearby town, Murphys, and ate at a vegan/vegetarian restaurant called Mineral; it was very good food. The small mountain towns we visited were inspiring; I now really want to film a movie there; the towns reminded me of Twin Peaks; not exactly of course, but that’s just where my mind immediately went to when we arrived.

But now I’m focusing on writing a new script, I actually have 2-3 new concepts that I want to work on; hopefully I can start writing them very soon and hopefully I can write a film where we can shoot in Sonora and the surrounding cities.

One of my (and my girlfriend’s) favorite film we saw at the festival was “Bridge” by Ting Chian Tey, it’s a very short and cute original animated film. You can learn more about Ting at her personal website: tingtey.com

ITSA Film Festival – Screening Schedule

Though it was confirmed about two weeks ago and I posted it on facebook all ready, regardless, I’m happy to re-announce that the music video I directed, Attack of the Killer UFOs, will be screened at the ITSA Film Festival in Sonora, CA and Groveland, CA on Saturday Oct. 1st.

The way this festival works, which is unique, they have two venues screening all the films (except for the last 6 films) at both venues in Sonora, CA and Groveland, CA simultaneously. So you have your choice of venue/city to attend for the festival. There are also film workshops you can choose to attend.

The festival also groups a select number of films into one hour “sets” throughout the day.  My music video is a part of film set 2, which is a batch of sci-fi short films and the set begins at 11:40am. My video will be screened third.

So! In order to see Attack of the Killer UFOs you can either go to the Sonora Opera Hall or the Groveland Community Center at around 11:40am for film set 2. My girlfriend and I are attending the festival in Sonora, so if you want hang out that’s where we’ll be 🙂

How to purchase tickets and how they work: You can purchase tickets online here, http://www.itsatickets.com, or just purchase them in person at the Sonora Opera Hall and you can choose to pay for one film set for $10.00 or if you want to watch all films that day you can purchase an all day/one venue pass for $25.00.

It’s a little confusing but once you have your ticket it’ll be fine and I’m sure it’s going to be fun. I know there are some actors from the video who plan on showing up to the festival I hope they do and we get to hang out and watch the video together in front of people we never met 🙂

All this information can be found at the official ITSA Film Festival website: www.itsafilmfestival.com

Facebook event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=130698000352563