Up-Coming Projects in 2012 (So Far)

In an effort to start blogging more and utilizing this website, I’ve decided to become more open with my upcoming projects. Starting now I will be posting (as often as I can) production updates on all my projects; including every part of the process from concept to the final product. You may even witness a project begin but never come together, or a project begin but not be finished until months or even years later. Should be fun.

So anyway here’s what I’m working on: One project which I dubbed “my personal project” has been in production (one way or another) since fall 2010. It’s a “personal project” not because of its subject matter but because I’m pretty much the only one working on it including writing, shooting, and acting. In a future post I will reveal more about this project like it’s title, concept, story etc. But that will have its own separate updates.

My next project which I’m working on right now is a “fake” trailer to be played before (or after I’m not sure) my brother’s short Mexploitation film “Cinco De Mayo”. Which means this trailer is highly (if not completely) influenced by grindhouse cinema from the 1970s and 1980s. Again I will reveal more details about this project as they develop including casting, audition dates, and concept.

Here’s my brother’s (real) trailer for his up coming short film “Cinco De Mayo” which he just wrapped a few days ago.