Daily Grindhouse Interview and Promote Horror

Man I’m horrible at keeping a blog, lol. Here’s some self-promotion but it comes from other websites! First my short film was featured and had a nice/short review on Daily Grindhouse. I also had the honor of being interview for the site also. I’ll be honest and this is the first time I’ve every been interviewed regarding one of my films. Also this project (The Can-Cannibals Double Feature) is the first project that has given me the opportunity to be covered by other websites too. It’s real exciting. So anyways, it was a great interview with Daily Grindhouse and even if you know me/worked with me I think you should read my interview because there’s some real insight into the way I work and what’s coming up next. I’m not saying I give brilliant answers that all should read, but it’s worth a read 🙂

From the review:

“Those familiar with the fake trailers in Tarantino/Rodriguez’s GRINDHOUSE will know what to expect here, and director Ragsdale has done a quality job replicating the look, feel and soundtrack of classic exploitation. It’s all quite intentionally silly – and features some of the least convincing fake intestines I’ve ever seen – but it’s nasty, bloody fun and doesn’t overstay its welcome. The acting from the Can-Cannibal gals is inconsistent (to say the least), but fans of 70s female gang films like Jack Hill’s SWITCHBLADE SISTERS will find plenty to love here.” – Doug (Daily Grindhouse)

Feature/Review: http://dailygrindhouse.com/thewire/no-budget-nightmares-short-film-round-up-the-end-2012-the-can-cannibals-double-feature-2012-and-a-certain-kind-of-monster-2012/

Interview: http://dailygrindhouse.com/thewire/no-budget-nightmares-interview-with-the-can-cannibals-double-feature-director-matthew-ragsdale/

Lastly, there’s a great promo on PromoteHorror.com. The website promotes pretty much everything horror related, like films, books, kickstarters, etc. It’s a great write-up and I’m really appreciative of the detail put into it, which I didn’t supply to the writer.

My promo: http://www.promotehorror.com/2012/11/watch-can-cannibals-double-feature-today.html