Trap, Neuter, Kill Production Update and Up-coming Projects

We shot two days for the new faux horror trailer “Trap, Neuter, Kill!” Production has been going pretty well, other than one of the special effects not working properly, but I’m re-shooting it this Saturday. Once this film is wrapped, I’m moving onto the next one. There’s a lot of other projects I want to do this year and I don’t want to waste time in between them. I want to keep pushing forward, no breaks.

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I’m also working on a new music video, currently I’m writing it. I’ll share the name of the band and song once I’ve got it written out. What I can say is that the video will be shot in the style of a giallo film, which is an Italian style of slasher films from the 70s and 80s, but they were more entrenched in crime and mystery. It’s going to be really fun to shoot in that style. Again I’ll share more info as I write it.

Recently I came up with a brand new concept for a possible feature length film. I’m really early in the process with this one, it doesn’t even have a title! But what I can say is that the main cast will be very small, right now it’s only 3 characters. And I’m hoping I don’t add too many more. It’s also a film with mostly talking, which is great for no-budget guys like me. There’s no special effects needed at this time. I’ll just need strong actors.

Another project I’m thinking of doing extremely soon is a 3 minute horror film to enter into the ABCs of Death part 2 competition. It was just announced today and if I can come up with an original concept I think it’s worth the shot.

Trap, Neuter, Kill! Auditions

I’m making a brand new fake horror/grindhouse trailer this summer entitled “Trap, Neuter, Kill!” It’s co-written by my girlfriend, Kendy. Much like my last project The Can-Cannibals Double Feature, we’re shooting the trailer portion of the film only. There will be dialogue but it’s brief. Expect over-the-top characters, some vulgarity and plentiful amounts of blood!

Synopsis: Two crazy cat ladies take revenge on society that ignorantly neglects the current plight that cats are facing in their city. They target cat abusers and the corrupt police and politicians that hindered the welfare of cats.

Date: Saturday, June 22
Time: 12pm – 3:30pm
Location: Stanislaus County Library (down stairs in the Conference Room)
1500 I St  Modesto, CA 95354
*Once you enter the library, immediately turn right to the elevator or turn left to the stairs. You’ll be greeted by my girlfriend and we’ll have you sign in.

Experience and head shots are not required, but preferred.
Auditions will consist of cold reads from the script.
Will be shot in Modesto, CA.

No pay, but you will receive a DVD copy of the film and an IMDb credit.


Lucy – Lead Female, age 18-35, strong acting abilities required, more reserved of the two leads, but firmly believes in their cause. She justifies her actions (killings) by only targeting the worst offenders.

Irena – Lead Female, age 18-35, strong acting abilities required, eccentric, aggressive and ambitious. She thinks of grandiose schemes to further the point of their cause, which clouds her judgment. Is more than willing to kill to get her point across, she does not need to justify her actions, she embraces them.

Police Officer – Male, age 30+, Sleazy corrupt cop who harasses Lucy.

Customer Victim – Male, age 18+, gleefully admits to hating cats and thinks they’re vermin.

Male Neuter Victim – age 18+, No nudity, but will be in underwear, can wear a top/shirt.

Female Neuter Victim – age 18+, No nudity, but will be in underwear, can wear a top/shirt.

De-claw Victim – Male or Female, age 18+, thinks cats are an accessory and can be customized to his/her liking.

Doctor Victim – Male or Female, age 25+, likes to trap cats and take them to the pound.

Cat Followers (4-8) – Male and Female, age 18+, a group of people join the cause of the two crazy cat ladies.

Extra Victims (2-3) – Male and Female, age 18+, aftermath of their death is shown, their dead bodies are displayed as a message to other wrong doers. Actors will be drenched with blood, possible make-up effects and duck tape on mouth. Actors can be creative with their own character, which we can discuss.

Extras (3-6)- Male and Female, age 18+, a crowd of people disgusted and shocked at the site of the dead bodies.

If you have any questions please email me (Matt) at

We shoot mainly on Saturdays, sometimes Sundays. We all have full time jobs too, so there’s no problem with working around your work schedule.