Sinister Creature Con 2016

Wow, it’s been exactly one year since I wrote a blog post. I did not plan to take a hiatus nor return a year later. The reason I haven’t posted, sadly, is because nothing has progressed with any of my projects, yet. Hopefully that will change soon. Also if you want to see what I’m up to or what I’m watching I’m always posting on my instagram or facebook.

But I had to come back in order to share a couple of things:

First, I contributed to my girlfriend’s zine: “The Stay at Home Girlfriend #23” special Halloween edition. I wrote a piece called “VHS Dreams” and I briefly recount my memories of renting VHS tapes in the 90s. Buy it here:

Just this past weekend was my first time attending a horror convention and my first time meeting cult horror actors and my first time paying for an autograph/photograph. I attended Sinister Creature Con in Sacramento, CA on 10/15/16. It was really fun! I spent way too much on autographs, plushies and art prints. Next time I’m saving waaay more money haha.

I got to meet Felissa Rose from Sleepaway Camp (1983) and she was absolutely amazing. She was so nice and gracious. She spent time to talk to us; we talked about the movie of course, but also we landed on the subject of equality; lol. We were so caught up talking that I forgot to pay her and none of us notice, lol. I ran back and made sureI paid her. I’ve seen interviews with her before and she’s just as nice as she was on camera and what’s even better is you can tell that she genuinely enjoys meeting her fans.

Felissa Rose was so incredibly nice and gracious. She spent time to talk to us. It's great how much she appreciates her fans. ❤ @felissarose123 #sinistercreaturecon #felissarose #sleepawaycamp

I also met Patty Mullen from Frankenhooker (1990) and she was so nice and playful and talkative to her fans. She was the first person I took a photo with and she made me feel comfortable. She’s great!

Meet Patty Mullen from Frankenhooker! She was really nice. @pattymullen13 #frankenhooker #pattymullen #sinistercreaturecon #Sacramento #horrocon #cultfilm

I want to highlight a local Sacramento film maker: Jason Rudy of Desperate Visions. He makes mondo/pyschotronic/nudie cutie films.

Desperate Visions booth at @sinistercreaturecon. Jason Rudy is a Sacramento film maker specializing in mondo/horror/nudie cutie films. Not a lot of people doing what he does. Thanks for being a kind dude. Glad to have bought three of his films. #desperate

Picked up this fucking rad Hellraiser print by Half-Human at the Gore Noir table.

Bought this fucking rad print from @gorenoirmag at @sinistercreaturecon. Need to find a frame soon! #gorenoir #hellraiser #cenobites #cenobite #pinhead #butterball #thefemale #chatterer #femalecenobite #bodyhorror #clivebarker #sinistercreaturecon

I only snapped a few pics of the cosplayers:

Bride of Chucky

@owen_miyabi Bride of Chucky #sinistercreaturecon


Frankenhooker cosplay @sinistercreaturecon yesterday. #sinistercreaturecon #frankenhooker #frankenhookercosplay #horror #culthorror #horrorcosplay #cultfilm #horrorchick #Sacramento

Ellie from The Last of US

@ryo_hellsing Met Ellie! #sinistercreaturecon #ellie #thelastofus #elliecosplay #Sacramento #ps3 #thelastofuscosplay

America Mary

@bunnetron as American Mary!  #sinistercreaturecon #americanmary #horrorcosplay #sacramento #twistedtwins #americanmarycosplay #horrorcon

Hopefully more posts coming soon 🙂


“Streets of Vengeance” IndieGoGo Campaign

My brother and his girlfriend, A and P Productions, just launched their fundraising campaign for their next feature length film: “Streets of Vengeance!” It’s an 80s inspired female revenge film inspired by movies from the 70s and 80s like “Savage Streets,” “Ms. 45” and many others. One of the best perks is a limited run VHS copy of the movie; released by Vultra Video! The film includes retrowave/synth music by Vestron Vulture. Check out the pitch video below and the full campaign at indiegogo.

The pitch (taken from indiegogo):

A new cult is emerging on the streets of San Francisco targeting “immoral” women and punishing them for corrupting men’s minds. They videotape themselves torturing, humiliating and murdering these women for the entertainment of other angry creeps across the internet. The group has set its sights on the adult film industry and its hottest young star, Mila. After being tortured and left for dead, Mila crawls back from the threshold of death and seeks her revenge. She puts a group of badass babes together to help rid the streets of the murderous group for good. Sexism. Rape culture. Misogyny. Pornography. Sexual Violence. These are a few of the taboo subjects that make up our 80’s, VHS styled, female revenge movie!

Official music from the film: